70th Anniversary

Making it to 70 years is about so much more than just delicious food.

It’s about…


From our humble start in 1954, we’ve grown into a beloved NYC landmark where our love for authentic Ukrainian cuisine remains a cornerstone of our rich, varied history.


At Veselka, community is not just a concept. We transcend from being just a restaurant, where laughter and hearty chatter echo as loudly as the clinking of utensils.

Beyond the joyous occasions, we stand firm as a pillar of support during challenging times, rallying behind and championing causes that resonate with our community.


Family for us has grown beyond the Darmochwal and Birchard families. It extends beyond blood ties to include our dedicated staff, cherished patrons and the diverse community that calls Veselka home.

Veselka welcomes everyone, fostering a connection that goes beyond traditional family boundaries.


We pour passion into everything that we do, whether that’s the meals that we create in our kitchens, the ever-changing vibrant murals that grace our walls or our fundraising efforts to help Ukraine.

Our genuine and heartfelt commitment embodies the Veselka spirit, shining through in everything that we do.